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Our success has been built on a “best of both” philosophy. We use big company tools and methods then apply small company flexibility and service standards. We work with you to get the highest quality results, no shortcuts, control at every stage and unrivalled value.


We don’t just get it done – we get it right.



Free-issue assembly contracts

You supply the parts, we build the boards. But we do much more than that. Our stock management and materials handling processes are second to none. We assign unique part numbers to all your valuable components; every item is counted and weighed, secured, bonded and system tracked for full traceability.


Full procurement service

We use our contacts and buying power along with our stockhandling software to source all the elements needed to fulfil your contract. We assign unique part numbers to all your valuable components; every item is counted and weighed, secured, bonded and system tracked for full traceability.


Supplier Audit

Coming soon: Our conventional and surface mount assembly plant list.





We believe that testing is just one element of the inspection process. A test will tell you whether a unit works, but that’s not the whole picture. We run Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) as standard on all contracts and inspect all boards – tested and untested- against the order specifications and CAD drawings.


AOI is a powerful tool for assessing workmanship compliance in PCB assembly environments. With advanced lighting, optics, and image processing capabilities, the machines enhance inspection repeatability, accuracy and throughput.


AOI addresses the density, diversity, and quality requirements of PCBs, increasing production efficiency and ensuring the highest possible quality. AOI eliminates the subjectivity and variability associated with manual visual inspection. Systems are integrated into the automatic assembly processes to provide 100% visible component and solder-joint inspection.



We take a solutions-based approach to your design needs. We like to work with you, at your premises where necessary, to properly understand the challenge. We invest our time in getting it right, and all our design, manufacture, testing and inspection is carried out in-house.


We use Easy PC Professional XM and Autorouter for your printed circuit boards (PCBs).


We design electronic circuits from board-level to complete systems,

compliant with regulatory issues such as EMC and the Low Voltage Directive.


We can prepare embedded (microcontroller) and PC software to your requirements.


We use 3D CAD software SolidWorks and AutoCAD Inventor.





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Managing Director


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Production Director


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Operations Manager


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Production Manager


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Production Supervisor


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Purchasing Manager


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Internal Account Manager




UK Circuits is accredited under the rigorous requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.


Our quality assurance

procedures make certain that each project, large or small, is carried out in conformance to that project’s quality control plan, to achieve predictable and repeatable production. Click here to see our ISO Certificate.


Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Our manufacturing process uses only RoHS-compliant materials except where we have written concession in advance.


We have assurances from our suppliers and clients that all material supplied to us is RoHS-compliant.